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Technique Workshops

These 4-hour workshops each cover a single technique and its variations.  Rather than going home with a completed project, you’ll take home new skills and information to help you make more quilts and make them more easily.

Supply list for each workshop.

Techniques of Machine Appliqué

Love to appliqué but need a method that takes less time than traditional needle-turned methods?   In this class, we’ll explore six different methods of applying fabric and five different ways to finish the edges of the appliqué.

Perfect Binding the Easy Way;

The last step in finishing your quilt is as important as piecing the top, but it’s often frustrating when you end up with a loose, cattywampus binding with bumps and lumps and uneven corners.   Tight, perfect, even bindings with square corners are really easy to produce – when you know the right tricks!

Almost Too Easy Trapunto by Machine

Learn modern methods of producing this attractive stuffed or corded whole cloth embellishment entirely by machine – no stuffing by hand, no removal of double stitching.   Almost too easy!

Free-Motion Embroidery and Surface Embellishment

So you don't have a spare $8,000 to spend on an embroidery machine?   If your sewing machine can do a straight stitch and zigzag, you can embroider with it!   Learn the basics of machine embroidery and decorative threads as we explore the versatility of your “plain Jane” sewing machine.

Cutwork and Stitching in Air

Cutwork can be used for garments and for decorative effects on quilts that will be treated gently.   Learn how to use your machine to create airy cutwork as well as delicate lace by “stitching in air.”   It’s easy – and they’ll all wonder “How in the world did she do that?”

Adding Glitz to Your Quilts

You have a bumper sticker on your car that says “Easily distracted by bright shiny objects.”   Want simple ways to add some sparkle and glitz to your quilts?   Metallic thread is not the only answer!

In this workshop we’ll look at a number of methods, from beads and yarns to non-traditional materials like wrapping paper and foil.   Take a walk on the wild side!


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