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Short Workshops: Non-Toxic Methods of Surface Design

These classes, for students who are ready to experiment and forget about the rules, may each be structured as a one- or two-day workshop.

Supply list for each workshop.

Basic Color and Texture
Basic Color and Texture

Unlike fiber-reactive dyes, the products we will be using don’t result in a flat, even color across the fabric.   Learn to manipulate this property with brushes, non-aerosol sprays, and other tools in a controlled way to create interesting textures that can’t be achieved with other dyes.




Stamping, Stenciling, and Resists


Ever wish you could find just exactly the right size and shape of stencil or rubber stamp to use on your fabric?

Fabric Painting Using ResistsIn this class, you will learn how to create your own permanent stamps and stencils from readily available, inexpensive materials.   We’ll also work with water-soluble resists for the look of batik without the mess of cleaning wax from your fabric.




Color and Texture: Beyond the Basics
Multiple-stage dye processes

This class builds on information presented in the first two sessions and should not be considered as a first class in surface design.

In this workshop, we will explore multiple-stage processes to build layers of color and pattern on fabric.   The finished piece can be a work of art in itself (as the one shown at right), or may be used as part of a pieced or appliquéd art quilt.



Printmaking Techniques on Fabric

Printmaking on Fabric No press required!   Even if you don’t know how to paint, learn to create spontaneous one-of-a-kind prints on fabric using simple kitchen materials such as freezer paper and unflavored gelatin.   This is one of the few ways to transfer brush strokes and other textures directly to fabric, and can result in soft, mysterious images of great beauty.




Advanced Printmaking Techniques on Fabric
(“Printmaking Techniques” or equivalent experience required as prerequisite)

Advanced Printmaking on FabricIn this class you will expand your knowledge of printmaking techniques and adapt them to printing on fabric.

We will cover multiple-stage monoprints, printing in series, and creating texture on fabric by making and using several types of printing plates.




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