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Beginning and Intermediate Quilting: Mini Workshops

Invisible Hand Appliqué
(2 to 3 hours; supply list.)

A basic technique class in hand appliqué.  Learn to turn smooth edges, make invisible stitches, and anchor the piece firmly.  Learn when and how to use reverse appliqué to create the effect you want.  Covers needle-turn, freezer-paper, and template methods.

Painted Shadow Appliqué
(2 hours; supply list.)

A fast, beautiful, easy technique, especially for those who like quilting and appliqué more than intricate piecing.  Learn elegant shadow appliqué by making a quilted notecard in class, and gather ideas for wall hanging and quilt projects you can do at home.

The Many Trails of the Drunkard’s Path
(2 to 3 hours; supply list; sewing machine.)

This versatile pattern – only two basic pieces per block – can be used to create blocks, borders, and picture quilts of all kinds, in styles from traditional to very today.  Learn several easy way to piece curves while investigating the possibilities of the Drunkard’s Path.

Using Specialty Fabrics
(2 hours; sewing machine, fabrics.)

We’ve all bought them – beautiful special pieces of fabric that we couldn’t resist – then got them home and couldn't bear to cut into them.  Get ideas on how to use some of those beautiful pieces, and bring your own fabrics to learn how you can incorporate them into your own quilts and wall hangings.

Quilting the Borders
(2 to 4 hours; supply list, sewing machine.)

Most of us choose a separate pattern for the borders of the quilt.  Most of us also have a terrible time with turning corners and making an intricate pattern come out even.  Learn how to take a published pattern or quilt stencil that you already own, create an eye-pleasing corner, and adjust length and width as necessary to fill the space you need.  Bring your own works in progress for evaluation and help.

It’s Not a Mistake – It’s an Opportunity!
(2 to 4 hours; supply list, sewing machine.)

a block too short, or mismatched in some way?  Don’t throw it away.  Learn how to salvage it, turning it into an asset and a focal point of your quilt.  Bring scraps, discarded blocks, and “mistakes” to class as the raw ingredients for a wonderful opportunity.


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