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Quilting a Memory, Reading the Code
(1 to 2 hours; slides, quilts)

From charity fundraisers and the Gunboat Quilt, through traditional comforts made of a family’s cast-off clothing, to private symbolism is contemporary fiber art, quilts are often the only journals of women we may never know.   Find out more about some of the women we do know about, explore the coded memories of a century ago, and find out why modern quiltmakers are finally beginning to document their contributions to women’s history.

Incorporating the Sacred: Art, Quilts, and Spirituality
(1 to 2 hours; slides, quilts)

For hundreds of years, women have dedicated their skills to producing the finest needleworked objects to decorate their places of worship and to celebrate their liturgies.  As quilts, embroideries, and tapestries move away from being necessary everyday objects and move toward art, many quiltmakers are choosing to include their spirituality in objects not made for sacred spaces.  Learn how these modern journeys of the spirit are being made tangible in artworks reflecting many uses and many spiritual traditions.

Beginning Color for Quilters
(2 hours; slides, quilts)

Having trouble choosing a color scheme for your quilts?  Learn how to select colors to create a mood, to spotlight an important design element, or just how to spark up a “blah” choice of fabrics!  No artspeak here; no confusing technical terms like hue or chroma or saturation.  Just good, solid, practical advice on making your quilts come alive with color!

Stitching Makes the Quilt!
(2 hours; slides, quilts)

As the book title says, “it's not a quilt until it's quilted!”  But how do you choose a pattern that works with your quilt, enhancing it without taking over the spotlight?  Need to know how to make a commercial pattern or stencil fill an odd-shaped space?  What about marking a quilt – which methods stay put yet are easy to remove when you are done?  Join us for show-and-tell.  Bring your own quilts for suggestions on which designs to use and how to quilt them.  Suitable for both machine and hand quilters.

Finding Time, Finding Space
(1 to 2 hours; slides, drawings, product suggestions)

Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a huge, well-organized sewing space or an unlimited amount to time in which to create.  So how can we spend time making the things we love when we have no place to spread out, have jobs to go to, homes to take care of, and kids to chauffeur to school, activities, and more?  Join us for ideas on finding time to sew in our hectic lives, and clever ways to squeeze out space to store machines, thread, fabric, and more.

The Organized Studio
(1 to 2 hours; slides)

So you’re one of the lucky ones who does have “a room of her own” for quilts and sewing... but you can’t find anything when you get ready to work!  If this sounds familiar, come explore ways to organize your space to suit your way of working.  Make your studio a comfortable and efficient place you love to spend time!

“Never Seed a Wall That Needed Warmin’!”
(1 to 2 hours; slides, quilts)

With these words, the elderly woman at the quilt show dismissed all types of quilts except the ones used for beds.  But quilts warm much more than winter beds – they can warm our homes and bring pleasure to our eyes.

Take a journey through the history of quiltmaking, and learn how this same five-letter word can refer to traditional bed coverings, bold graphic designs, fiber landscapes, and avant-garde constructions incorporating everything from wire mesh to orange peels.  We’ll also take a look at some of the best art quilt work being produced today and suggest sources for continuing exploration.

A Quilter’s Journal
(1 to 2 hours; slides, quilts, journals, labels, stories)

The saddest label that can ever be placed on a beautiful quilt is “Maker Unknown.”  No matter whether you make art quilts or traditional quilts from patterns, every quilt you make has a story.  Will you remember in twenty years why you chose that yellow fabric with the sunburst on it?  Or which trip to the beach inspired the sea quilt with the jellyfish?

Make sure you capture the stories of your quilts while the memories are fresh, and learn how to use your quilter’s journals as a foundation for new ideas.  A quilter’s journal is a priceless gift to yourself and to history.


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