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Art Quilting Explorations

Each class may be structured as a one- or two-day workshop.
Supply list for each workshop.

Kickstarting Your Creativity

For quilters who have tired of following someone else’s patterns and are ready to expand into innovative design – but don't quite know where to start.

Discussion, how-tos, resources, and exercises on topics including:

  • • When can you call a design your own?
  • • How can you “become” creative?   What do you do if you can’t draw?
  • • Where do you find inspiration?
  • • How can you find more ideas than you will ever use in a lifetime?
  • • Why do you need to learn basic color principles, drawing, and quilting techniques if you are going to make art quilts?   Aren’t they all just blobs of color with raw edges?
  • • How can you tell if it’s any good?
  • • How do you know when it’s “art?”

From Sketch to Finished Art

Ideas for art quilts begin with a phrase, a shape, a vague idea, a photograph, a sketch in a journal or notebook.

How do you turn that rough sketch into a finished actual-size drawing – and then turn the drawing into templates for cutting and sewing?

the Llano Estacado, eastern New Mexico sketch of the Llano Estacado The Desert Stole My Heart

This workshop takes you through the complete process of translating an idea into fabric, from start to finish.   Topics covered will include:

sketch of dancer
  • • Abstracting and simplifying the essential shapes;
  • • Composing the figures for maximum impact;
  • • Enlarging the finished drawing;
  • • Analyzing the construction techniques necessary;
  • • Determining and cutting the template pieces;
  • • And preparing a plan to complete the sewing.

You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of the process, all the skills you need, and an itch to get started as soon as you get back to your studio!

Independent Study

Think of this class as “Rent a mentor.”

If you have projects that you’ve begun but are not sure how to complete; if you’ve run into a technical snag and need some support from someone with many years of experience, then this is the right workshop for you.

You bring your projects and materials along with your ideas on what you want to accomplish.  I’ll bring suggestions, encouragement, and technical support to help you make your visions into reality.

Work at your own pace, with as much or as little guidance as you want.   I will bring 30+ years of knowledge to work with you on your curriculum.

This workshop is all about you!


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