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• Art Quilters
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Liz Berg Art Quilts

Michele Hardy: Mixed Media, Fiber Art, Art Quilts

Sue Reno, Fiber Artist

Susan Shie and James Acord: Turtle Moon Studios

Julie Zaccone Stiller: Art Quilts and More

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Artisans International, Inc.



• Other forms of art:

Hand Painted Egg Art by Enchanted Hen: (including jewelry based on traditional quilt patterns)

Natural Indulgence Body Essentials: Luxurious handmade soap and skin care essentials (all natural and highly fragrant).


Other Links I Recommend
(Being a Highly Subjective list of things I find interesting.)


• Music  for those with a broadband internet connection:

Sirius Satellite Radio  (Internet stream free to subscribers)

Sky.fm: Free streaming Internet radio; 12 channels with musical styles from Classical to Eurodance.

SmoothChoice.com: Free streaming Internet radio; smooth jazz.


• Goods and Services (companies with which I have dealt and wholeheartedly recommend):

Printing for Less:  inexpensive, excellent quality business cards, post cards, brochures, etc.  Upload your files online or send on CD.  Use promotional code RP1ZD6PVC for a $25 discount on your first order.

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