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Liminal Time: Mo(u)rning
29½" x 28"

© 2002
Hand-dyed and commercial cotton, lace, lamé, paint.
Reverse hand appliquéd, painted, trapunto, hand and machine quilted.

Private collection, Birmingham, AL

[IMAGE] Liminal Time: Mo(u)rning 2002 Carol Logan Newbill


The Story

This piece was made as a memorial to my father, who died in 2001.

Liminal = between = twilight; neither night nor morning; neither past nor future; time at the crossroads.

Flight = freedom.

Monarch = resurrection, rebirth, spring.

“I’ll be there in the song of your memory
In a land where tomorrow never comes.
I’ll be there in the wings of a butterfly;
I’ll be there even though you think I've gone,
So don't be afraid.”

Joshua Kadison, “Fragile Days,”
from the CD Saturday Night in Storyville.
©1998 Storyville Records.

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