I made Gerrie’s Sopa de Azteca for lunch today. These are the vegetables sautéing in the pan while the chicken is poaching. Aren’t they colorful and lovely?

The soup was fantastic. I had to omit the avocado topping, though, because the only avocados at the market were approximately three years past their sell-by date.

(Sidebar: Do you know how to choose a perfectly ripe avocado? Press it gently near the stem; it should give slightly and feel, according to my friend Nan, like “a cowboy’s butt in tight Levis.” )

Back later this evening with more experiments using the Shiva Paintstiks.

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  1. teri Says:

    Actually, that should be “cowboy’s butt in tight Wranglers.” My niece used to have a bumper sticker on her tack box that read: “I go nuts for Wrangler butts!” And all the boys in the rodeo group wore Wranglers….

    teri…rodeo mom in a former life (license plate on my horse trailer: werope