365 Days – Day #16

I took a nap this afternoon.

So in lieu of creative work with fabric, I offer my most recent artwork: Patchwork in Cheese:

It was an ephemeral work of art, but well-received by its intended audience.

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No Responses to “365 Days – Day #16”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Isn’t grilled cheese on the George Foreman divine? Who needs one of those expense panini presses? Yum1

  2. Carol Logan Newbill Says:

    Especially with good crusty dense French bread!

  3. Mom's Daughter Says:


  4. DebR Says:

    That looks soooooooo good!! :-)

  5. Maison Rustique (Deb) Says:

    Another “part mouse” cheese-lover here. Where’s mine?

  6. SueU Says:

    A bowl of homemade tomato soup would make a dandy meal out of that mouth watering sandwich.