Caribbean Confetti II

Confetti II
5″ x 7″ (irr), on 8″ x 10″ mat boardClick on image for larger version (60 KB).

Look closely (click on the image at right for a big version) and you will see at least a few more beads on this version.

It didn’t hurt much at all.

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No Responses to “Caribbean Confetti II”

  1. DebR Says:

    I’m likin’ this series, Carol. Yay on the beads! :-)

  2. lisbeth Says:

    I like both, they call for a third, with some more beads :-)

  3. Jen Anderson Says:

    I like this very much, and the beads are a lovely addition. Jen

  4. jen Says:

    Love the colors and the title.