The remnants of Tropical Storm Arlene passed overhead yesterday. Don’t worry, there was no damage and not really much of a storm here; just an additional ton of rain after a week of soaking rain. I have mushrooms lurking under my azalea bushes.

However, I am attempting to dye (actually paint) fabric for a couple of purposes, and the silly stuff is taking forever to dry. Even the new dehumidifier, which pulls at least ten liters of water out of the air every twenty-four hours, can’t get the humidity in the studio down below 50%. Can’t put the drying racks outside or in the garage, because the humidity there is currently 89%.

Before someone suggests that I try Procion dyes, I’ll just say that I have a couple of autoimmune disorders and am highly sensitive to all manner of chemical stuff, so I have to work only with nontoxic materials. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it requires some ingenuity in developing surface design methods. Except, of course, when I need the dadgum fabric to get dry, now!

I’m ready to start the next quilt, doggone it.

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