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January 1, 2007:  Happy New Year!  I've recoded and streamlined the site; it should load faster and create fewer problems than before. Although I don't yet have new work from 2006 to show, there are several new pieces in the works.  After spending most of the past year coding websites, I am finally able to get back into the studio and make some art.  Look for updates soon.

There are also some pieces in the Gallery that you may not yet have seen.  A few of these were sold before I ever got them on the website, and I've pulled a few of my favorites out of storage to show as well.

Changes to workshop information:  I am no longer actively seeking workshop or lecture engagements.  In the works is a plan to build some online classes which will be offered through this site.  Look for more news on that in the coming months.

Studio Sale:  Yes, I am doing it!  I am, after complaining for at least a year about the clutter, cleaning out the studio and putting stuff up for sale.  There are some older art quilts, fabric, some class and pattern samples, a number of quilt tops, silk scarves for piecing, and various bits and pieces that I've gathered along the way.  I've marked everything way down and will be posting more each day until it's all listed.  Come shop!

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